Amplifying our impact to be a
force for growth + good

We have a unique opportunity to lead the industry with strategically-informed, game-changing ideas that create a better world for our stakeholders and fuel growth and value creation. Our impact strategy aims to leverage our position as the world’s largest membership organization for car lovers to be a catalyst for positive change across the ESG issues that matter most to our stakeholders. We have a long history of driving positive change through visionary leadership.

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A strategic growth driver

At Hagerty, we elevated impact to be a strategic pillar because of its power to maximize our growth opportunities, minimize our risks, and drive exceptional value for all stakeholders.

We manage our impact strategy as we do every business driver: with diligence, passion, innovative thinking, a long-term view, and an honest assessment of how we can improve.

By taking a meticulous approach, we ensure the economics of our impact programs work so the environmental & social benefits will last.

Our impact priorities

Here is where we are focused on taking the wheel as a catalyst for change. These strategic priorities are aligned with our core values and reflect the most significant environmental, social, and governance topics identified by our stakeholders during our 2021/2022 materiality assessment.

Leveraging our platform and voice to advocate and educate to save driving on behalf of car lovers everywhere.

How we drive impact

We drive impact through our support of the Hagerty Drivers Foundation:

  • Elevating the cultural significance of the automobile through partnership with the U.S. Department of Interior and Library of Congress
  • Ensuring all young drivers have access to proper driver’s education
  • Keeping critical vehicle restoration skills alive by funding schools and training facilities
  • Inspiring and funding innovations that expand access to the enthusiast industry

We also aspire to leverage our platform to protect the ability to drive vintage vehicles on public roads through various government affairs activities.

Our progress

  • 32 vehicles added to National Historic Vehicle Register
  • $200K donated to License to the Future
  • >$1M committed to schools, training facilities and programs driving innovation

Empowering our team, communities, and business to thrive by advancing a diverse culture of belonging across our team, member base and the automotive enthusiast community.

How we drive impact

  • Supporting team members’ growth and development with robust talent development programs
  • Developing inclusive leadership capabilities through leadership training programs
  • Attracting, developing, and retaining A-level talent through effective recruiting strategies
  • Ensuring a positive employee experience through robust and attractive employee benefits
  • Driving engagement and encouraging inclusion through ongoing employee and member surveys

Our progress

  • 200 women in positions of leadership
  • 33% female representation on executive leadership team
  • 2021 Gallup Exceptional Workplace Award Winner
  • 93% of employees declare Hagerty a ‘Great Place to Work’

Using our platform to be a driving force for a more sustainable world in our operations and across the automotive enthusiast world.

How we drive impact

  • Implementing strategies and systems to quantify and reduce our environmental impact across our facilities, events, and operation
  • Identifying opportunities for Hagerty to empower car enthusiasts to take actions that protect our planet for future generations

Our progress

  • 30% increase in corporate giving to planet initiatives in 2021
  • Offset emissions at behind-the-wheel events
  • Rolled out waste-reducing strategies at Hagerty events, such as refillable water stations

Investing in philanthropy efforts aligned with our business that empower our people to make an impact while spurring prosperity, growth and environmental stewardship.

How we drive impact

  • Supporting the communities where we work and live through Hagerty’s corporate giving program
  • Providing our employees with rewarding opportunities to give back to our communities with 16 hours of paid community service time granted each year to employees
  • Taking an active role as environmental stewards in our communities through our planet initiative investments

Our progress

  • $5.5 million granted in local community support
  • >500 non-profit organizations supported since 2010
  • >100,000 volunteer hours
  • 30% increase in corporate giving to planet initiatives in 2021

Fueling business growth and impact through strong leadership and best in class governance.

How we drive impact

  • Ensuring strong corporate governance with a diverse and experienced Board of Directors, an independent lead director, and ESG oversight at the Board level
  • Holding ourselves to the highest ethical standards including the adoption of a Code of Conduct, ethical selling practices, and a whistleblower hotline
  • Protecting our member and business information by continually assessing and investing in the highest standards and systems for privacy and data security
  • Ensuring compliance & regulatory management via clear employee policies and processes, training and communications, and regular audits

Our progress

  • 37+ years of strong governance as private company
  • 22% female representation on Board

Introducing more rigor to drive business value

Our recent actions include:

Identified impact as a strategic business pillar

Formed a cross-functional impact taskforce

Completed our first materiality assessment in partnership with an independent third-party

Implemented a series of cross-functional impact strategy workshops to tackle priority challenges; develop actionable impact strategies; and identify the tools, processes, and resources needed to quantify our impact

Established reporting and oversight responsibilities for our impact strategy at the leadership and board level.

Our commitments going forward

Our priorities for 2022 and beyond include:

Refining impact strategy to ensure focus on issues that drive greatest business value

Assessing and acting on new and existing systems and processes for collecting and reporting impact data

Setting and publishing actionable long-term impact objectives and metrics

Expanding disclosures on key ESG issues in accordance with select reporting frameworks

Preparing to publish our inaugural impact report

Code of Conduct

Our Code of Conduct is a guide for all Hagerty team members that summarizes policies and legal requirements that affect our business.

Hagerty Code of Conduct

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